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Thank you for your interest in our Come Try Ringette Sessions

Registration Steps - Please

  • Pick the date you are interested in by click Register Now under that date
  • Choose or create your player
  • Check  box next to the Come Try Ringette Session you are interested in will autofill
    • Please register for one date only, if your availability changes and you want to be switched to another date, please contact us
  • Continue, Checkout - Come Try Ringette is Free


For more information about Registration and our Association please visit our Website

  • Registration is now open for new season that begins in September
  • New Players to Ringette pay a reduced rate (Come Try Ringette does not disqualify you for the reduced rate)
  • Registration Fee includes
    • Practices and games (if applicable)
    • Annual Individual and Team Photos (usually October)


Come Try Ringette