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Bench Staff

House C

Use this page to register yourself as

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager

Rep B Thunder

For the 2023 Season, Thunder bench staff have been added by Ramp Admin.  

  • If you need to modify your registration, please log into SSWR Ramp registration account.
    • You will likely need to use the email address that the association has as your main contact email.
  • If your address was not known, a generic address was entered.
  • Input your NCCP# before March 15

Once your registration has been approved, we will assign you to your SSWR team.

Bench Staff


Click on Register Now

  • Choose a Season - should default to the current season
  • Choose a family member or create yourself
    • Review/Enter your address and other contact information
    • Birth date for Bench staff can be inputted as 1/1/1901 if you would prefer not to enter your actual birthday
  • Preferred Division(s) and Positions (s)
    • Pick Division
    • Pick Position