CKBC Programs

CKBC Masters Clinics

Canoe Kayak BC is excited to run three clinics and one fun regatta for Master athletes. 

The purpose of the clinics is to provide an opportunity for Master athletes to come together to train and enhance their skill set on the water. Two sessions will be dedicated to intermediate and advanced athletes, while the remaining sessions and regatta will be for all skill levels. 

Athletes will receive a technical report or an updated report after each session.

Athlete details:

  • Member of a CKBC club in good standing
  • Over 25 years old and have access to a boat and paddle for the clinic 
  • Any discipline is welcome 
  • Although these clinics are registered under the Sprint Competitive Masters category, clinics are open to Recreational Sprint Members as well.
  • Unsure if these clinics are for you? Contact us and we can answer any questions you might have.

Advanced/intermediate designation:

  • Capable of paddling approx. 5 km without capsizing
  • Interested in competing at BC Cup or other regattas

All clinics will be coached and led by CKBC Provincial Coach, Blake Dalton. 

We’re presently looking at the feasibility of running a session in both the Interior and on the Island.

*For any inquiries regarding Masters Clinics please contact Blake Dalton, 

Technical Clinics

  • Masters Clinic #3

    Sprint Competitive Master
    Limited Space Available

    Date: July 22, 2024

    Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Location: Burnaby Canoe & Kayak Club

    Clinic #3 is geared towards all levels of paddler. Focus will be on race preparation (starts and tactics).


Fun Regatta - August 7, 2024

This is a wrap up to the 2024 Masters Clinics. The 2024 Masters Fun Regatta is an excellent opportunity for paddlers new to the sport to experience their first race in a fun environment. The Fun Regatta is also a great opportunity for paddlers preparing for the 2024 CANMAS.

  • Masters Clinic #4 - Fun Regatta

    Sprint Competitive Master

    Date: August 7, 2024

    Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Location: Burnaby Canoe & Kayak Club

    Clinic #4 will be a fun regatta setting allowing paddlers to trial their race starts and strategies.