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Reignite the Paddling Passion: Women on Water Returns to Canoe Kayak BC

In a world where many women and girls remain underrepresented in sports, a dynamic change is on the horizon. Canoe Kayak BC is proud to announce the return of the Women on Water (WOW) program, an initiative aimed at reshaping the narrative of female participation in paddling and beyond.

The statistics tell a compelling story: 62% of Canadian girls under the age of 16 and less than 20% of Canadian women aged 16-63 actively engage in sports. These numbers are reflective of high dropout rates among female athletes, with one in three girls leaving sports during adolescence, in stark contrast to one in 10 boys. As a consequence, women often have lower sport participation rates later in life, while men continue to participate at a higher rate throughout their lifetimes.

Enter Women on Water (WOW), a clinic designed to be a game-changer. This program, offered by Canoe Kayak BC, goes beyond the water's edge. It seeks to boost female participation in paddling and, in doing so, empower participants both on the water and in life. WOW is not just about kayaking or canoeing; it's about building confidence, honing technique, nurturing fitness and health, and fostering a deeper understanding of the sport, all with a female-focused approach. It's a celebration of women's strength and potential, and it's back, ready to make waves once more. 

Join us as we embark on this journey of empowerment, camaraderie, and skill development. Let's shatter barriers, paddle together, and prove that women belong in every arena, on the water and beyond. Women on Water is more than a clinic; it's a movement, and we invite you to be part of it.


Open to Ages 14 and Up!

WOW - Women on Water - October 2023