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Looking to get on the water before the summer paddling season or some extra activity to bridge the gap between Hockey and Basketball season.

Check out our Jump Start Program

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    The focus of this program is to prepare athletes for the summer season, giving them a chance to catch up to participants in FUNdamentals and Learn to Train.  Jumpstart allows individuals, 8-15 years of age, who may have been pursuing other sports during the off season to catch up on the water before the racing season begins.  For younger participants, it's simply an opportunity to learn more paddling skills before the summer program begins.


    Participants are expected to continue training during the full summer program as well as represent the club at local Regattas, and/or participate in Cheema 'intra-club' racing events.  Jumpstart merges with the year-round FUNdamentals and Learn to Train programs; coaches create appropriate training groups from these three programs, based on experience, skill development needs, fitness levels, maturity and age.


    Five sessions per week are provided with the expectation that participants will attend a minimum of three.  Coaches will set a specific schedule that groups the participants according to skill and fitness.  With unpredictable weather in the spring, some days may be in the gym doing dry-land training like age-appropriate strength, endurance and technique work.


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      4:30pm-6:00pm 9:00am-10:30am 9:00am-

    Program runs April 29th to June 28th.