Fort Canoe and Kayak Club

Intro to Sprint Kayak - Youth

Ages 8-14 years, all abilities.

Introduction to our sprint canoe and kayak program in a safe and enjoyable environment. This is the first step in long-term athlete development.

Following this, paddlers may have the opportunity to join our year-round sprint development group.



-Tuesdays in May (6:30-8pm, $89)

-Thursdays in May (6:30-8pm, $89)

-Tuesdays in June (7-8:30pm, $69)

-Thursdays in June (7-8:30pm, $89)


Paddlers spend time in a variety of recreational and competition boats and will be introduced to canoeing and kayaking skills including basic paddling skills, balance, and boat control. In addition to basic boat and paddle handling skills, kids will learn water sense and safety awareness.

Participants will have a great time challenging their own abilities while developing coordination, body awareness, self-confidence, and team-work skills. Contact us if you aren't sure about your youth with special needs. We have larger, more stable boats available and may be able to accommodate them.


Program participants require an associate membership ($35) once per year. 

Intro to Sprint