Fort Canoe and Kayak Club

Board Members, Coaches, Officials, and Volunteers - Safe Sport and Screening

Coach, Board Member, Volunteer Application Form 


I agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of Canoe Kayak Canada and/or the Member (as applicable), including but not limited to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, Conflict of Interest Policy, Privacy Policy, and Screening Policy. Policies are located at the following link: I recognize that I must pass certain screening requirements depending on the position sought, as outlined in the Screening Policy, and that the Screening Committee will determine my eligibility to volunteer or work in the position.

Safe Sport and Screening


 EVERYBODY (board members, coaches, officials, & volunteers):

1. Criminal Record Check: Every five years for 19 years or older.

  • Submit through the CKBC website (free) 
  • Online code: MDMAXBCRKS

2. Complete a Safe Sport Course (you will get an NCCP code):

3. Get a reference letter related to your position *new people only* 



 4. Making Ethical Decisions Course:



5. Second letter of reference from a previous relevant sport-related employer.



Go to CKC Screening System

Have copies ready to upload of:

    • Reference letter to upload - one if new person, two if senior coach
    • NCCP Code - this is given at completion of SafeSport course (for everyone) and Making Ethical Decisions course (for coaches)