CKBC High Performance

Taste of Paddling - Team Challenge

Location: False Creek Racing Canoe Club - 1318 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8 - On Granville Island (small trailers are encouraged)

Cost: $30.00 Per Participant

Registration: September 6 to September 17 at 10:59 PM (Registration Link)

Team Cards: Circulated on September 18 and due September 21 at 10:59 PM

Site Arrival: September 23, 2023 between 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Pre-Meeting: Approximately 9:30 AM 

First Race: Approximately 10:00 AM to 10:15 AM

Last Race: Approximately 5:30pm

Open To: U10, U12, U14, & U18 (includes U16) - Paddlers of all levels are welcome!

Race Info: The Taste of Paddling Team Challenge is a combination of several disciplines under the Canoe Kayak BC umbrella. Teams of 5 will need to arrange their paddlers accordingly to compete in all events offered throughout the day. Teams are to be composed of several different age categories and abilities.

More Race Details and Rules:

  • 5-person teams
  • No more than 3 athletes per age category on 1 team
  • Each team must enter at least one boat in each event to a max of 3 boats per individual event, and 2 boats per doubles event
  • Each athlete competes in at least one of each of the following: individual event, doubles event, Team Relay and OC6
  • Each athlete is limited to a max of 2 individual, and 2 doubles events
  • Each athlete/team earns Participation and Placing points. Points for team boats and relays will be an accumulation of points based on team make-up
  • Event Participation Points - (U10 athlete = 4) (U12 athlete = 3) (U14 athlete = 2) (U18 athlete = 1)
  • Event Placing Points - (1st - 5) (2nd - 3) (3rd - 2) (4th to 10th - 1)
  • All teams must track their own scores on their score card (Golf style)
  • There will be a scoreboard location on site for results to be tallied

Events: All teams must field crews for the following events throughout the day:

    • Max 3 crews for K1 200m
    • Max 3 crews for C1/Dugout 200m
    • Max 3 crews for Surfski 1000m (2 laps of Alder Bay)
    • Team Relay, 5 x 200m 
      • 2 - K1
      • 2 - C1/Dugout
      • 1 - SUP
    • Max 2 crews for K2 200m
    • Max 2 crews for C2 200m
    • 1 crew for OC-6 200m (steers-person is provided)
    • Events are subject to change based on registration numbers


Self Registration